Route 66 Vintage Iron - R66 Miscellaneous
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Route 66 Boot Coolie
R66 "Get Your Kicks!" Boot Trim Coolie
Price: $4.99
Route 66 Black Koozie
R66 Black Koozie "Get Your Sips"
Price: $2.99
Route 66 Bumper Sticker
R66 Bumper Sticker, Red Heart
Price: $1.99
Route 66 Map Sticker
R66 USA Map Mylar Sticker
Price: $2.99
Route 66 Snow Globe
R66 Tan Icon Water Ball W/ Glitter
Price: $5.99
Route 66 Retro Snow Globe
R66 Retro Collage 65mm Glass Water Ball W/ Poly Resin Figure
Price: $9.99
Route 66 Map Flag on a Stick
R66 Map 12" X 18" Flag On Stick
Price: $2.99